Big  Saltwater Lings are found fishing underwater structure, reefs, ledges and pinnacles. We know where they are. Ling cod season opens each summer on JULY 1st.

Huge schools of baitfish abound in Alaska's fertile waters!! These Giant Cod are veracious feeders and are as aggressive as a Freshwater Crocodile!!

The strength of these fish is just amazing!

Alaska's Most Elusive Saltwater Trophy Gamefish:

Ling Cod

Our Ling Cod fishing is second to none - period!!

Our captains target Trophy Size Ling Cod. We fish Alaska's top locations for these brutes.

Our crew's have landed numerous State of Alaska Trophy Ling Cod Records as well as IGFA World Records!!

Weather & water conditions play a big role in success here in Alaska just as they do elsewhere in the world - ideal weather equals ideal fishing & large catches!!

Ling Cod fishing is perfect for anglers of all ages.

Each charter is fully guided with both a Captain and a deckhand, which really increases your odds of catching and not just fishing.

We have the boats, tackle and know how to get you on the ling cod and keep you on them.

These voracious feeders make a habit of foraging near underwater structures and rock outcroppings. One of the biggest challenges is to keep these incredibly strong fish from racing back into the rocks once you have hooked them.

Many an angler has been disappointed after hooking into these large fish only to discover after a sizzling run that the line has been cut by the sharp rocks near a big lings sanctuary

Anglers must be ready
for multiple hookups!

(Right) Big Jim boated this Incredible ling Cod that weighed in at 71 Pounds!!

He joined his son for their trek to Alaska and they had amazing luck landing some really Big Lings, Halibut, rockfish and a boatload of nice big salmon.

These Lings run on average between 40 - 55 lbs pounds and produce top notch action.

The daily bag limit is two ling cod per day in most areas we fish, and one ling cod in the balance of the areas we fish each day.

It's Game On From July 1st thru August!!

Working jigs along the coastline and over structure in 80 -150 feet of water is the key to success.

Out here we have lots of fish, lots of bait. King salmon, coho salmon, halibut & rockfish - plus monster size Ling Cod!! No Crowds - Just Gorgeous Scenery --including sea-lions and Orca Whales-- and Exciting Fishing Action.

It makes for an exciting day on the water --one you don't want to miss!

We have found that using graphite rods with ample backbone combined with Shimano Charter Special Reels filled with 80lb. Spectra, or Tough Line, is a winning combination. A leader comprised of 100 lb. monofilament prevents these sharp toothed predators from an unwanted release.

July - August is the ideal time to spank the Lings with our team!! Our highest landings with the most Lings per boat per day happens each summer from the first of July Thru August.

Check out Alaska's Ugly Giants!

Ling cod...
Real Monsters of the Deep!

Mark Davis , Raleigh Werking and stars from all over the world have joined us for trophy Alaska Ling Cod fishing!

Click here for a great ling cod story about Raleigh Werking. You'll want to share this with your friends!

As a testament to how terrific our Ling Cod action is consider that at least three major television networks charter with us each season to produce exciting fishing shows featuring this fishery! ESPN, The Chevy Outdoorsman Show and The American Outdoorsman have produced exciting shows battling these exotic bottom-dwellers of the last frontier!

Alaska Ling Cod
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