Alaska's Best King Salmon Fishing

Our crews have the boats, tackle and know how to get you on the King Salmon and keep you on them!

Fish two famous Alaskan rivers - the Kenai & Kasilof- for freshwater giants.

Kenai Kings Are The World's Very Largest!! Angler Fred Houtman Landed the ninth largest King Salmon in the IGFA Record Book, a whopping 89 lbs, 4 ounces, as a guest of our Trophy Lodge!! The 10 largest King Salmon of all time have been landed here!!

Giant Alaska King Salmon migrate into our waters each spring. Come join the Alaska fishing action for World Class King Salmon at Alaskan Fishing Adventures, LLC

Kasilof River Kings
Our guest have landed King Salmon up to 64 pounds here. The very largest, a 64 lb. 10 ounce fish was caught in 2009!! Driftboat fishing only on this river, adds to the challenge and the excitement. Angler success for these mighty kings is excellent, as recent King Salmon numbers returning to this magical fishery is at a record pace.

Salt Water Kings Provide Top Action
Seward, long known for the state of Alaska's largest silver salmon runs, also provides incredible action for king salmon. A well kept secret in the past, this fishery could provide the best king salmon fishing In the state. If you ask anglers who fished with us this past season they would tell you that this fishery is on fire. The action begins in May and is "as good as it gets" thru August.

Our saltwater king salmon action in Seward begins in mid May. These kings are NOT migratory, as they are in many areas of Alaska, but rather are a resident population that spend their life cycle in these waters feeding on the plentiful bounty created from these marine rich waters. In addition to catching king salmon, we also will catch halibut, rockfish, silver and pink salmon and ling cod on these charters. We have the most generous bag limits in all of Alaska, so be ready for an action packed charter!!

Whether you choose to land a big Alaska King Salmon on a river ( your choice of fishing on the Kenai River or the Kasilof River each day, or elect to land your Trophy King Salmon on one of our saltwater charters out of Seward, you will delight in the excitement and the sheer power of battling Alaska's mightiest salmon.

About Alaska king salmon fishing rivers, tackle and best months: Kasilof River and the Kenai River

Kings of Kings

The limit is 1 King Salmon per day and 2 Halibut per day. Check our page on bag limits for more information.

Kenai River giants King Salmon fishing at Tim Berg's Catch halibut and King Salmon in the same day
King Salmon Giants and record Breakers! Alaska Fishing Action Fuzzy Zoeller with 60lb King Salmon
Fresh water salmon fishing Trophy class King Salmon Larry Csonka with his King Salmon
Record busting King SalmonTake a look at other , larger pictures of Kasilof River Salmon World Class King Salmon

Fishing from our fleet of comfortable state-of-the-art 30'- and new 35' Inlet Offshore Cruisers, anglers enjoy battling both record size Kings and Halibut.

Record breaking catches!
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Land of The Giants
Trophy Halibut fishing
Freshwater excitement! Fresh water salmon fishing

Alaska Freshwater Fishing 
Fishing for King Salmon in freshwater takes place in two different rivers, the Kasilof River and the world-famous Kenai River. These are two distinctively different rivers, each with its own appeal. The one thing they have in common is King Salmon, lots of Kings, minutes from the ocean and full of fight!

Here's the story on each river, tackle, and best fishing.

Kasilof River Salmon Fishing
Kasilof River King SalmonSlate gray in color, the Kasilof River is fed from a huge glacier. The average depth of this is less that four feet, dictating the use of drift boats.

Our drift boats accommodate 2, 3, or 4 anglers, and your guide will row you down the river and fish selected areas as the Salmon enter the river twice each day on the flood tides. Your float trip will take you through the middle of the Kenai National Moose Range, a very scenic area that abounds in wildlife. Moose, Beaver, Loons and Eagles are daily participants involved in your trip here.

The Kings will average about 20-25 lbs. on the Kasilof, with occasional fish in the 40-50 lb. range. Because your boat will be propelled only by your guide rowing the boat, you in most cases will not be able to chase your fish. This creates great excitement as you try to battle your king and force him back up river.

Your gear consists of medium to heavy graphite rod, usually in the 8-8 1/2 foot range, with a level wind reel filled with 175 yards of 25 pound test. The tackle varies, but typically large quickfish with a sardine wrap or an egg-cluster with a spin-n-glow are standard. Each guide has his own secrets and formulas, and half of the fun is trying to get the recipe from him.

The first kings to show on the Kasilof can be expected the last week of May, with the run being very consistent all of June through July 10th. 

Kenai River Salmon Fishing
Home to the all time sport caught world record King Salmon, the Kenai River stands alone for trophy class King Salmon. The ten (10) largest sport caught King Salmon of all time have come from this beautiful glacier fed waterway. There is no where else in Alaska, or the entire world where you have the chance at catching such large trophy size King Salmon.

The genetics of this strain of King Salmon are unmatched in the entire world. This truly is a trophy fishery, and as such you fish here not for the quality of hookups or action, but rather for the chance of a lifetime. For it is here on the mighty Kenai River that the next world record will be produced. It is here that you can catch the largest Salmon of your life!

These mighty fish start entering the Kenai River the first week of May. Consistent action can be expected around May 15th, and one world record king salmon was actually landed on May 17th, 1985.

There are two distinct runs of big Kings. The first run generally runs May 15th -June 30th, and the second run July 1st - July 31st. During the entire King Salmon season on the Kenai River, (May-July), the average King Salmon will weigh between 40-50 pounds!

During your charter on the Kenai river you will typically be fishing with a total of four anglers, (including yourself), plus your guide. Our 20 Predator river boats, powered by Yamaha four stroke technology, are built by Willie Boats of Medford, Oregon, and comfortably seat and fish four anglers.

Fresh water salmon tackle

Tackle for king salmon fishing is generally a 8 1/2 to 9 foot G-Loomis rod with a Shimano level wind reel, filled with 200 yards of 30 lb. test. Techniques for catching these big Kings range from back-bouncing egg clusters, back-trolling jet-divers with eggs or sardines or free drifting selected areas of the rivers. A charter usually lasts about six hours.

This IS Awesome Alaska Salmon Fishing!

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