Catch these night monsters!
Giant Halibut. caught at night
Marlene Loomis, center, from Anchorage, Alaska caught more than she bargained for when she signed-up for a Tim Berg's incredible Long Range Overnight Fishing Adventure. Her giant catch weighed #254 lbs. She caught this incredible halibut at 2:30 in the morning!!
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Overnight Trip Dates for 2018!

$995.00 per person.
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$995.00 per person.
June 15-16: 10 SEATS AVAILABLE
June 21-22: 10 SEATS AVAILBLE
June 24-25: 10 SEATS AVAILABLE
July 5-6: SOLD OUT
July 7-8: SOLD OUT
July 12-13: SOLD OUT
July 14-15: 8 SEATS AVAIL
July 19-20: SOLD OUT
July 20-21: 7 SEATS AVAIL
July 22-23: SOLD OUT
July 29-30: 2 SEATS AVAIL

If the weather permits, we will stay on the fishing grounds and fish throughout the night. When we break for dinner, you'll like our roasted chicken and delicious lasagna.

You're going to get many more hours on the fishing grounds than you get with a day trip. The extra time increases your chance for MORE quality fish.

Most fishermen catch-and-release many fish during these overnight trips. You can retain two limits of all species per trip. Fish filleting is included in the charter price.

Long Range Overnight Fishing Charters

WARNING! This Trip Will Be HARDCORE and is NOT recommended for those wanting to be pampered!!

Limited to Just 12 Anglers Per Trip!!

We schedule these exclusive Long Range Trips for the longest days of the Alaskan summer. Stay up all night and experience the most exciting fishing in ALASKA! Besides fishing action, you will see incredible scenery and lots of wildlife. Don't forget to bring your camera! It's a trip of a lifetime!

Trips depart at 9 am on the first day and we return by no later than 1 pm of the following day.

Your long range fishing trip starts in the Seward Small Boat Harbor. Be sure to bring your license, king salmon stamp and a Derby Ticket. Bring along snacks and drinks if you'd like, but there will be food provided onboard throughout the trip.

It's a 4 to 5 hour run to reach the fishing grounds for your first day of fishing. These are fish-rich waters that aren't accessable to Day Boats!! Our crew will provide all the gear you'll need, along with instructions on the techniques you'll be using.

Enjoy the ride! If you want, take a nap on the way. The long Alaska days give us an afternoon and summer evening of daylight fishing. And then the real fun begins -- on most trips the fishing gets better once the sun goes down.

Be ready to be impressed - this is the best of Alaska fishing adventures!!

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