Sockeye Salmon Fishing

'Red Hot' Action With Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing!

Sockeyes Are Explosive Fighters and Great Eating!

Multiple hook-ups! Giant schools! There are millions every year! Alaska fishing for Sockeye and Red Salmon - a real adventure! Come try it!

Sockeye are the second most abundant species of all Alaska salmon. Most commercially caught sockeyes go to Japan where they are highly prized for their distinctive deep red flesh color. However, an increasing percentage of the catch now remains in the U.S., as we've discovered the superior attributes of sockeye. Like king salmon, the levels of polyunsaturated oils in sockeye give it a succulent textures and rich flavor.

You'll remember the challenge of this Alaska sportfishing experience with every bite of the sockeye salmon you take home.

Power Packed Alaska Sockeye Fishing

Sockeye Salmon, sometimes called red salmon, are prized for its great eating flavor and explosive fighting ability, is the most abundant of all the Salmon species in our area.

Multi-million fish runs begin every year about July 10, and run until the end of the first week of August.
Sockeyes, or Reds, are finicky eaters and best success is using "Coho Flies" or bead fishing. A medium action rod, level wind reel with 15 lb. test is the best equipment.

Only one out of every three Sockeyes hooked are landed, as Sockeyes explode once they are hooked. Most fish are hooked within ten feet of the shore as these fish hug the shoreline as they make their journey up-river.

Alaska River Fishing Battle
to Escape the Hook

Alaska Kenai Sockeye Salmon Sockeyes, a.k.a. red salmon deliver super fishing action! Kenai Silver Salmon
Great fighting Sockeye Salmon Fishing
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